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Public Talk Friday 28 Aug


Finding a happy life & meaningful life

We all want to be happy and free from problems and we use all our time and energy pursuing this. But, is it possible to enjoy a consistently happy and meaningful life? Is it possible to still be at peace, and happy when we face difficulties and challenges in our lives?

In this public talk, the internationally renowned teacher and Buddhist nun, Gen-la Dekyong, will explore how this is entirely possible for anyone, even in busy modern day life.  Meditation is now part of mainstream society and many people from all walks of life are discovering its practical benefits. People who meditate can increase their overall levels of inner peace, happiness and well being and they enjoy daily life and relationships more.

Gen-la Dekyong will introduce a simple and practical approach to meditation and daily life, based on the practices of modern Buddhism, that will lead to authentic and lasting results in our pursuit of happiness & freedom. The evening includes a talk and a relaxing guided meditation and will be presented in clear, easy to understand English.Lithus2

Venue: Litteraturhuset, Wegerlandsveien 29, Oslo

Date: Friday 28 August 18:00-19:30

Price: Kr. 90,- (kr. 60,- students & pensioners)

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