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About Oslo

Oslo 400x300Between the Oslo Fjord and the green hills and woods of ‘Oslo-marka’ lies one of the most attractive cities in Northern Europe. Oslo – the heart of Norway has something for everyone. Oslo fascinates by his openness, but is also a typical Scandinavian city that reflects her cool charm with modern architecture and rugged nature.

On a stroll through the city you can discover the many attractions – the Royal Castle, the Fortress overlooking the fjord or the Town Hall, where each year the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, to just name a few.

For those who like something cultural Oslo offers its visitors many interesting things to see. The undisputed cultural highlight is the new Oslo Opera House with its unique ‘iceberg’ architecture which allows visitors to walk up its white marble slopes to the roof – of the most spectacular opera buildings in the world.

And if you seen enough of the cities attractions it’s only a few minutes out of the big city bustle to find yourself in the most beautiful nature. Whether a peaceful boat trip on the Fjord for a picnic or walk on one of the 40 surrounding islands or a hike or bike ride in the forests surrounding Oslo with their beautiful lakes – the capital of Norway offers something for everyone.

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