Other Nordic Centres

There are five Kadampa Buddhist Centres in the Nordic area, offering practical meditation classes and modern Buddhist advice applicable to daily life. There is one centre in Norway, two in Sweden, one in Denmark and one in Finland. There are also Kadampa practitioners in Iceland. If you are interested in attending classes at one of these centres or would like to request classes in your local area you can contact the centre nearest to you below.

www.meditasjonioslo.no – Nordic Kadampa Meditation Centre in Oslo, Norway

www.mediteraistockholm.se – Tara Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Stockholm, Sweden

www.mediteraigoteborg.org – Heart Jewel Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden

www.meditateincopenhagen.org – Kadampa Meditation Center Copenhagen in Denmark

www.meditoi.com – Kadampa Buddhist centre in Helsinki, Finland