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Nordic Dharma Celebration Sept 2016

Medicine Buddha Empowerment with teachings on Taking & Giving

Healing the Heart through Love & Compassion


Enjoy a unique weekend of teachings, meditation and inspiration in the beautiful and tranquil island setting of Gullnäsgården, Sweden together with meditators from throughout the Nordic region.

During this special weekend Gen Kelsang Tubchen (the New Kadampa Tradition’s Nordic Spiritual Director) will grant the deeply healing Empowerment of Medicine Buddha. She will also give teachings and guide meditations on how to actualize our potential for a truly loving and compassionate heart though the meditations on taking away suffering & giving happiness.

The Empowerment

An Empowerment is a deeply peaceful guided meditation through which receive the inspiring & healing blessings of a particular Buddha. On Saturday, Gen Tubchen will grant the Empowerment of Medicine Buddha. Through making a special connection with this Buddha, and relying upon his positive energy & inspiration, we will discover how we can heal physical and mental suffering and sickness.

Teachings & Meditations

During the weekend, Gen Tubchen will give teachings on the profound tantric meditation practice of Medicine Buddha. Through this practice we can learn to cultivate a special power of body, speech, and mind through which we can help both ourself and others through healing actions.

Gen Tubchen will also share teachings and guide meditations on the purifying and healing meditation practice known as ‘Taking & Giving’, taking away suffering and giving pure happiness. This practice not only helps us to awaken our potential for a genuinely loving & compassionate heart but it also helps us to heal at deep levels. It is a very practical meditation that can be done at any time and can help cure even otherwise incurable diseases. Through training in these meditations we learn how to remove negativity from the our world and to give back love and kindness.

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